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"Del paso por
Effective English Advisers
me llevo el continuo estímulo
al esfuerzo y a la mejora
participativa que me acompaño
en cada una de sus clases."

Juan Carlos Prono
Licenciado en Administración
& Contador Público
Finconsult S.R.L



See proposal by
University of East Anglia Norwich

See proposal by
INTO London




Inglés en Glasgow y posgrado
en Moda Internacional

Autor: Carolina Ruiz Montani

Facilitan el acceso
a la Universidad de Londres

Autor: Universia


"Studying English with
Effective English Advisers
is a good option for those
who do not have much free time, because EEA goes wherever you need.
In my case, to my workplace.
They meet your needs in terms of content and approach, and more importantly, teachers are always professional and well-predisposed"

Florencia Counyo



Effective English Advisers was chosen by INTO, The Gobal Education Partners, as their  representative in Argentina. Therefore, Effective English Advisers gives professionals and students the possibility of doing English language and culture courses at prestigious universities in the UK and in the US.

If you are a student, you may choose among the following institutions:

  • INTO University of East Anglia
  • INTO University of East Anglia
       Metropolitan Centre (London)
  • INTO London City University
  • INTO Glasgow Caledonian University
  • INTO University of Manchester
  • INTO University of Exeter
  • INTO Newcastle University
  • INTO Queen’s University Belfast
  • INTO Oregon State University, USA
  • •  INTO University of South Florida


    Registration to the courses is open all year round.


    Summer School

    INTO, The Global Education Partnersis a unique opportunity for young people who wish to study in an educational, personal-growth environment, near the main city where each academic center is located. Once at the university campus, you will be able to have access to the international academic community and interact with students from all over the world who, like you, pursue their professional development and the broadening of their horizons.

    The academic centers grouped by INTO combine the experience of University life with a unique offer of courses for English language students. This is the reason why INTO has quickly become one of the leading institutions to access universities in the United Kingdom and the United States.

    General English

    If you are a student over 16, the General English courses are designed to help you improve your language skills in real life situations, both to meet personal and professional interests. These courses adapt to all levels, and approach the development of communication skills, while learning about British culture. Each level covers all the basic language skills plus optional modules, according to your personal interests. Upon registration, you will become part of a group of people who have your language level.
    Course flexibility allows you to access a pre-established schedule or opt for flexible courses in which you decide when and how much time you study.
    You may also choose intensive or regular courses, based on your stay-length in the campus, and your development needs.

    For further information on registration dates, fees and requirements, e-mail us at: INTO@effective-english.com. Do not miss this unique opportunity to learn and access the English academic world.


    [+] This is what you do in a week at INTO.

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    English courses for professionals

    INTO University of East Anglia and INTO Glasgow Caledonian University offer intermediate and advanced English courses for professionals with specific purposes, for example: Fashion, Finance, Science, Law or Business. This is a unique opportunity to improve language and become familiar with British culture which, apart from helping professionals develop, is an unforgettable life experience. You may choose to do our English courses with professional purposes at the INTO University of East Anglia or INTO Glasgow Caledonian University campuses, and they are offered to groups of 10 to 15 people, with excellent benefits.

    For further information on registration dates, group discounts and benefits, or any other question, email us at INTO@effective-english.com

    Legal English en Londres

    Other destinations

    Ask for study trips to other destinations at (info@effective-english.com):
    Czeck Language: University of Charles, Prague, Czeck Republic

    Scholarships with USA Embassy: Enter here


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