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SAP Training course


The SAP certification examination is not an English examination, but an examination in English. Effective English Advisers focuses on teaching English with specific purposes. We therefore support candidates to SAP certificate to make their preparation easier in order to obtain said certification.

SAP AG (Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte) (Systems, Applications, and Products), headquartered in Walldorf (Germany), is the third independent software supplier worldwide (after Microsoft and Oracle), and the biggest European software manufacturer. SAP works in ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, software sector.

Companies use SAP by hiring specialized consulting agencies which must have SAP certification. Said certification assures SAP clients that they are being advised by professionals holding the credentials necessary for the correct performance of their functions. This means to understand and accurately apply SAP modules in English. The certification examination is only available in English.


Who is this course for?

Clients, SAP consultants who wish to validate their abilities in English in order to obtain a good performance in SAP certification.



The contents in the English course are closely related to SAP modules, and are as follows:

  • Finance Management (FI): ledger, auxiliary register, special ledgers, etc.

  • Controlling (CO): General expenses, product cost, profit and loss account, profit center, etc.

  • Treasury (TR): Fund control, budget management, cash flow.

  • Project system (PS): Graphs, Project cost accounting, etc.

  • Personnel management (HR): Personnel Management, payroll, recruitment, etc.

  • Maintenance (PM): Work plan, maintenance plan, etc.

  • Quality Management (QM): Quality plan, quality control, quality certification and notification, etc.

  • Production Plan (PP): Manufacturing on request or stock, mass production, Kanban, etc.

  • Material Management (MM): Stock Management, purchase, invoice control, etc.

  • Sales and Distribution (SD): Sales, dispatch, invoicing, price list, customers, etc.

  • Workflow (WF), Industrial solutions (IS): it provides functions that may be applied in all the modules.

  • Fixed Assets (FA), Income, fixed asset depreciation and amortization. (FI sub-module) AM.

  • Contract Accounts (FICA): Accounts for mass-market consumers (telephone and electricity companies, universities, motorways, etc).

  • Budgeting (FM): Public and private budgeting.

  • Work-related travel (TM): travel management, reservations, and additional expenses.

  • Business Warehouse (BW): Support system to decision making (Business Intelligence)

  • xApp Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (XMII): Application of manufacturing integration and intelligence.


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