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"Studying English with
Effective English Advisers
is a good option for those
who do not have much free time, because EEA goes wherever you need.
In my case, to my workplace.
They meet your needs in terms of content and approach, and more importantly, teachers are always professional and well-predisposed"

Florencia Counyo


Auditing Training.   
Clarín iEco   
DEC 20, 2009   

Fuente: Clarín iEco

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- Training, consultancy and auditing:
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  1. Constant support to HR and other areas responsible for in-company training.
  2. Strategic planning and management of training.
  3. Assessment of training processes and providers.
  4. Language training alignment with performance objectives.

- Training in foreign languages:
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  1. Regular, intensive and immersion courses, workshops and interactive seminars for people who need to improve their competence in the language.
  2. Training in General English and English for Specific Purposes.

- Placement or Level Test:

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  1. Service of Placement Tests, also called level tests, according to ALTE standards, The Association of Language Testers in Europe , CEFR, The Common European Framework of Reference and Canadian Benchmarks.
  2. Tailor made tools for internal assessment.

- Training Courses for International Examinations:
  1. British English: FCE, CAE, Proficiency, IELTS, Bullats.
  2. American English: TOEIC, TOEFL, GMAT.
  3. English for Academic Purposes: TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT.
  4. Business English: BEC and all LCCI International Qualifications.
  5. Legal English: ILEC.
  6. Financial English: ICFE.
  7. English with Specific Purposes: Medicine, Engineering, Hydrocarbons.
  8. Placement tests with employment purposes: Bullats, TOEIC.

- E-learning support to classroom training.

- Translations and Abstract writing for congresses.
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Training, Consultancy and Auditing

We counsel companies which work with several language institutes, need to align existing course objectives and job performance, might be interested in hiring new suppliers or language institutes or have branches spread over the country or region and need to unify criteria.

We analyze performance and action plans defined by HR for their employees and then decide on the most adequate training program in order to achieve the expected objectives for each profile and improve its ROI.

We use internationally acknowledged assessment criteria, and perform on-site observation work in order to grasp the needs of each position and the level reached by each colleague.

We work together with trainers in order to offer an objective look on the situation, and help define the adequate strategies that adapt to the different performance profiles.

Know more about Methodology.


Training Courses in Foreign Languages

We provide advice on the duration of training necessary for each company and student profile. We offer regular courses, intensive workshops, and interactive sessions for the day-to-day practice of the language. Our courses are focused on General English, as well as on English for Specific Purposes or oriented to prepare for International Examinations.

We also offer particular and in-company courses of Spanish for foreigners.

In addition, we provide training courses in other European languages, such as: French, Italian, and Portuguese, to meet our clients' needs.

Know our courses:

[ + ] General English Courses

[ + ] Business English courses for all professional profiles

[ + ] Intensive course for ICFE preparation
(International Certificate in Financial English)

        – With the Certification of ESOL Examinations

[ + ] English Courses for lawyers aimed at ILEC
(International Legal English Certificate) preparation

        –With the Certification of ESOL Examinations

[ + ] Effective English for HR professionals

[ + ] Effective English for Secretaries and Assistants

[ + ] GMAT Preparation course
        (Graduate Management Admission Test)

[ + ] SAP Preparation course

[ + ] Distance or e-learning courses



Placement Test

We support HR or Recruitment Agencies with our Placement Tests in job applications.

In addition, we build internal assessment tools in agreement with the training policies of each organization.