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Free mini-lessons

These language lessons are meant for those who already know English.
Do not underestimate your capacity of learning. Learn at your own pace, any place, any time.

effective-english.com cares about your English and is developing materials for students at different stages. Keep your eyes open: these will be on-line soon.


Free language lesson 1
Power, Business and Women

We have arrived at the new century and women are pouring into the job market. What impact will this have on the global economies?

Only those who work in teams and believe in collaborative work and the techno revolution will triumph.

Power, power, power

Many women find it hard to get to the top jobs in a company. If they can achieve this we say they break through the GLASS CEILING.

Business men and women go in for POWER DRESSING. They say that people who seek power are likely to dress in this way, i.e. they wear formal clothes that make them feel self-confident during work time.

Many of them are so busy doing business that they can't have a break so they have POWER BREAKFAST, POWER LUNCH and even POWER DINNER.

Can you imagine what these people do during these meals?



Free language lesson 2
Colours, idioms, fun and business

The English Language is maddening inconsistent in pronunciation and spelling, subtle in grammar and highly idiomatic.

In this section you can get a free lesson about different ways in which colours refer to fun and business.

Let's go out and paint the town red! means let's go out and celebrate wildly, get drunk and behave noisily in public.

The golden handshake is the one you get when starting a new job. When I was accepted into the company the fat cats gave me a golden handshake.

Red tape: excessive formality and paperwork

A blue chip company. One among the highest class of investments. A well-known company which provides a safe investment.

Black tie: parties and social occasions in which men should wear a tuxedo or very formal clothes. We are going to the Colon Opera House tonight. It is black tie and Peter always complains about that.

Not to be as black as one is painted is to be a better person than one is said to be.

Greenfields are new companies that are formed to undertake new ventures in return for high reward.

Green shoots are the first signs of economical recovery after recession.

In the black means financially profitable

To be in the red means bad in business. It is having a debit balance in a current account in a bank or in a profit and loss account showing a loss. Our account is in the black this quarter. Let's take a holiday and enjoy the profits!



Free language lesson 3

Collocations are words or arrangements of words which appear regularly whenever another word is used in a way which sounds natural to native speakers.

Look at the following and decide on a correct way of saying these sentences. Key words are between inverted commas " ".

Can you put them right?

1-The doctors "made" the operation in order to save the child's life.

2-The police "are doing" an inquiry into the murder.

3-People in Bosnia "are looking at" starvation as a consequence of the Kosovo war.

4-If the jury cannot "do" a decision the crook will plead not guilty.

5-Sergio wouldn't have "obtained" malaria if he had been vaccinated before he went to Africa.

View Keys to Mini-Lesson 3 here.



Free language lesson 4
Vocabulary coming in and out of fashion

Let's check how up-dated you are. the following is a list of words coming in fashion.
Choose the correct answer. Think carefully!!

up for grabs... means:

a) easily available
b) hold tightly

money for jam... means:

a) money saved for something special
b) money earned for doing something simple

to be left holding the baby... means:

a) to be left waiting for somebody.
b) to deal unexpectedly with a problem

to cook the books... means:

a) to change the accounts in your favour.
b) to be good at cooking.

View Keys to Mini-Lesson 4 here.


Free language lesson 5
Idioms with grip, grab and step

Match the idioms a-b-c-d with their corresponding meanings 1-2-3-4

a- to get a grip on yourself

b- to step on the gas

c- to lose one's grip

d- up for grabs
1- to go faster, to hurry

2- available

3- to fail in control or command

4- to control oneself

Now fill in the blanks with one of the idioms given above

- My mother seems to be ___________________: my brother never comes back before 5 a.m.

- If you don't ___________________ we 'll never get to the airport in time.

- I can't go to the concert tonight. You can use my tickets. They are ___________________ .

- She's a hard woman. I really don't know how she manages to ___________________ considering all she has to go through.

View Keys to Mini-Lesson 5 here.