English with specific purposes,
To professionals and fashion entrepreneurs

English in Glasgow and postgraduate course in International Fashion
Author: Carolina Ruiz Montani


To many, the idea that studying English opens new doors has become a cliché, so it is not always regarded as something feasible. However, there are several universities with international reputation that as part of their English study programs for foreign students give a good opportunity to participate in their regular and postgraduate courses.

This may be the case of those who are now starting a career in fashion and design. Glasgow Caledonian University is part of an Academy consortium in the United Kingdom that proposes an English language learning program for foreign students, professionals, and entrepreneurs, and offers access to their postgraduate courses in International Fashion Marketing, as a specific space to practise the language.
INTO is the program that groups a consortium of major universities in the United Kingdom aimed at foreign students. As its name indicates (INTO: A way in, Access), it provides professionals and foreign language students with the opportunity to access the English academic world, and the broader professional expectations it offers.
Upon registration to INTO Glasgow Caledonian University programs, students will have the chance to hear and participate in postgraduate courses classes at the University.
Although the mission of the activity proposed by INTO Glasgow Caledonian University is to offer a means to optimize the language learning experience, in turn it becomes a powerful stimulus to those professionals who wish to develop an international career, as they may have contact with other professionals and access to a global view of the business.


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